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Welcome to my fangirling blog, I'm Hayley. 21. Live in Alberta,Canada. Study in Biology. My sister Chloe, 14 years old, also uses this blog. We are fans of many ships that this blog consists of, mainly Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen. Also Delena, Halijah. Other ones that we may oddly post about are Mash, Spoby, Jalex, Claylena. This is not a spoiler-free blog.

The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Bonnie and Damon’s Comic-Con Plea

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Every year the female of the ‘Main’ couple of the season has worn red Lana You’re next

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anybody else emotional over the Emma and Hook cutouts in the writer’s room?


anybody else emotional over the Emma and Hook cutouts in the writer’s room?

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I love when you get to see all those pictures of the cast filming while having fun. It lets you know that they actually do enjoy making that show, and it makes you feel better watching it too, your not wasting their time or your time. Your simply enjoying something that that cast enjoys making for us as viewers. If you saw pictures of the whole cast being lazy and not enjoying making that series, would you want to watch it? I wouldn’t, especially since you know they didn’t give the show there all so it’s probably a shitty show anyways.



Please let me know if I’ve missed anything so I can update for all! All my other spoiler round-ups found here

Thanks to everyone who who gave us all these lovely photos :)

- First Promotional Picture from 4x01 - Elsa and Kristoff (x)

- Hans is coming to Storybrooke…

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